Thursday, August 23, 2007




Harry said...

Well, *I* enjoyed it, for what that's worth.

Hedgie said...

Rhythmically, it sounds as if you've been reading Barbara Hamby recently.

Rob said...

Cheers Harry.

Hedgie, I confess I've never even heard of Barbara Hamby. I've just googled her and she's obviously a well known poet. I'll try to check her out.

Colin Will said...

Well, I'd buy the mag to read it anyway. Which mag though? That's the tricky question. We're gey short in Scotland these days. Instinctively I'd say it's an Ambit poem, or maybe Magma.

Lars Palm said...

well i would, though that would be online in
my email is in the guidelines & i couldn't guarantee the indents. anyway, think about it


Rob said...

Thanks Colin and Lars.

It's very new, so I'm going to sit on it for a while and eventually revise whatever needs strengthened etc. But thanks for the votes of confidence. I had been reading a number of poems by Frank O'Hara and Kenneth Koch and the idea for this poem just came to me.