Sunday, August 19, 2007

Schuman the Human

Most friend-requests I get at my little-used MySpace site are from young women using their sites as a front for porno activity, so I feel a sense of here-we-go-again whenever I get a request. Another delete button job.

So I was pleasantly surprised to get a request from someone called Schuman the Human, which didn’t sound like a porn thing.

He turned out to be a musician and songwriter. More to the point, unlike many singer/songwriters in MySpace who are OK but bland and derivative, Schuman the Human is really good. Do check it out. It’s part bluegrass, part Belle and Sebastian/Tindersticks, and manages to be more than the sum of its parts. Very enjoyable stuff.


Jane Holland said...

Now most men would be pleased to be approached by young women looking for some hot porno action ...

Only kidding! I do spend a lot of time leaning on the delete button at MySpace too. The worst is when you say yes to someone and then discover they've flooded your bulletin box with inane crap that pushes out all the real messages. So then you have to waste your precious time online finding them again and deleting the pests.

Which reminds me. I haven't updated my MySpace site for ages. I must have Friend requests coming out of my ears by now. Best trot along there tonight and do that ...


Rob said...

Yes, the idea these women have is to tempt men to their *real* sites, where they flood the men's computers with spyware and viruses. Serves men right for being so stupid, of course.

Actually, I don't think you're my friend on MySpace yet, Jane. I'm useless at this. I'll see if I can find you and make a request.