Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Four Star Show

The Holy Terror, the play my wife is acting in during the Edinburgh Festival, got a four-star review from Thom Dibdin in the Evening News.

I’m not sure whether you have to register to read the review or not. In case you can't get to it, the best bit was:

“Her granddaughter Marianne (Anne Mackenzie) is not the brightest, but still would like her father's blessing…”

People keep saying to my wife (at risk to their lives), “Now I know you’re not the brightest, but can you help me with a wee problem?”

But getting four-stars is a big deal. They’re now in contention for a top Fringe award, and remaining tickets are selling very fast indeed.

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apprentice said...

Excellent! Quite a week of family success. I hope they do get an award, be good to see a local company doing well