Monday, August 13, 2007

Luke Wright's Poetry Party

The weekend’s Edinburgh Poetry Party, organised by Luke Wright, had to cope with two days of unseasonable summer weather of driving rain (Saturday) and damp cold (Sunday), but still managed to be an enjoyable and worthwhile occasion and I hope it happens again next year. So three cheers and big thanks to Luke!

I enjoyed some of the poets very much, others I found less interesting, but that was only to be expected given the diversity of participants. Some stuff seemed a bit formulaic, but other poets, including those primarily ‘performance poets’, had a unique style and an enviable stage presence. So both days had some great moments.

I ran into quite a few people, some of whom I’d met before and others who were new to me – Colin Will, Eleanor Livingstone, Roddy Lumsden, Tim Wells, Tim Turnbull, Clare Pollard, John Hegley, Andrew O’Donnell, Andy Philip, Andy Jackson and Milton (whose pseudonym surname I’ve temporarily forgotten).

On the Saturday evening, it was after 2.30am by the time I left the bar, and I got to bed about 3.30am. It was fun though, even if I had to get up and work the next morning.

I have to mention Tim Wells’s overcoat. It’s the best coat I’ve ever seen. I wish I had brought my camera and taken a photograph of it.


Anonymous said...

Milton Balgonie!

2.30 am?? I'm green with envy. Train home was mobbed, followed by half-hour taxi queue in Glasgow.

The Wells coat is indeed a remarkable piece of cloth.


Rob said...

I remember the days of Glasgow half-hour taxi queues outside Central Station... But I'm glad you managed to catch the train on time.

I was really lucky - caught the No. 31 night bus almost immediately. Perhaps they have extra night services due to the festival.

Andrew Philip said...

My colouring is similarly verdant. I just missed the 23.00 train and had to hang around Waverley for half an hour.

Ms Baroque said...

Tim knows a thing or two about tailoring.