Monday, April 28, 2008

Shore Poets April 2008 Review

Pretty good night at the Shore Poets yesterday.

The musician was a guy called Callum More, a guitarist – rootsy, bluesy material – good stuff.

I hadn’t heard of Julie Sheridan before, but she read well. Her best poems had a precision that made them come alive in the mind, and she revealed a keen ear for the sound and rhythm of words. I enjoyed most of what she read. Lots of beaches and shore-life, so very apt for the Shore Poets too.

Next up was Andrew Philip and, despite only just recovering from a stomach bug, Andy gave a typical performance – intense, mysterious, reflective. He read a few new poems, which were strange and mesmerising. Whatever Andy is doing, it’s quite distinct from what anyone else seems to be doing, and I’ve no doubt that’s a good thing.

Colin Will was the headline poet. He’d had a sore throat and kept having to sip water, but it didn’t detract from his reading. It’s obvious that Colin’s poems are not just written for show. The combination of craft and feeling is in good balance. The poems have a deceptive simplicity and directness about them, but also real impact.

So another fine night of poetry. Is there no end to fine nights of poetry in Edinburgh at the moment?

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