Monday, April 06, 2009

More On Young Poets

I’ve been commenting, no doubt at more length than necessary, on the ongoing young Scottish poets debate over at One Night Stanzas.

My main points are – high quality will be key to the success of any young poets pamphlet series in Scotland; there are no “right people to know” other than people you sense an affinity with in any case; if you want to be part of a local poetry scene, you have to make an effort to join in. The ball is in your court; publishers and editors always want new talent, but simply aren’t going to scour the internet to find it; there’s a huge amount of goodwill out there towards young and emerging poets; if people do all the self-publicity stuff and the poetry isn’t good enough, it will mean nothing.

It could be that I'm not quite right on some of these matters, but I thought I'd throw out a few ideas.

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Anonymous said...

This is a tangential comment Rob, but partly because of the discussion about young poets, Poetry Scotland is now preparing a one-off issue (summer or autumn) called All New Scottish. It will contain only poems by Scottish poets who have not had poems in Poetry Scotland before. They might be young, they might be incomers, they might be people who just havent swum into our waters. If you know any potential budding bards who havent tried us, please do tip them the wink.
Sally Evans