Monday, April 27, 2009

Nuclear Submarines

Just read this story about leaks of radioactive waste into the Gareloch from nuclear submarines. The casual MOD statement says it all really:

“The discharges into the Gareloch had no environmental consequences.”

Oh, sure thing… I also appreciated this paragraph from the news story - "Last year a radioactive waste plant manager was replaced when it emerged he had no qualifications in radioactive waste management"

Here’s my poem on the Gareloch submarines.


shug said...

bandiLike the poem, Rob. Catches the unearthliness of it all. Brought back all these cold days at Faslane!

shug said...

bandi? The word verification is creeping into the comment! What next?

Anne said...

I thought of that poem as soon as I heard the news. That's the sign of a memorable poem!

Michelle said...


Fantastic poem, Rob. Love "autistic sharks".

Colin Will said...

I was reminded of an Edwin Morgan poem about the Holy Loch, published in the 1960's, when the US Navy set up their Polaris submarine base there.

Rob said...

Thanks, everyone.