Monday, April 27, 2009

Sphinx Issue 10

Sphinx, issue 10 is now out and the paper version is, as usual, a terrific read. It contains an conversation between Helena Nelson and George Simmers conducted in rhyming couplets (really!), an interview with the folk at Nine Arches Press, Colin Will on setting up Calder Wood Press and, most of interesting of all, a seven-page interview with Anthony Delgrado from Bluechrome Press:

" vision of the future is one without chain bookstores, just small indies and libraries where you can browse sample copies of books, and if you want to buy one they'll either download you a copy or print you one to order... Of course, you'll have poets milling around selling their pamphlets from under their coats."

Sphinx costs only £3.50 and it’s definitely worth buying.

The online reviews section contains plenty of interesting reflections on the latest chapbooks, and includes four of my reviews:

The Purpose of Your Visit by River Wolton (Smith/Doorstop)
Didymoi by Peter Brennan (Perdika)
Lady Godiva and Me by Liam Guilar (Nine Arches)
Sky Blue Notebook from the Pyrenees (Calder Wood)


Liam Guilar said...

Thank you for taking the time to write a review of Lady G.

Rob said...

Thanks Liam. I certainly thought the best stuff in your pamphlet was really strong, despite my sense of inconsistency overall. All the best.