Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eurovision 2009 - Who Will Win?

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So who is going to win? Well, irrespective of my particular slant on the songs, I'd say the likely winner will be among: Israel, Iceland, Greece (I know, it was awful, but...), Malta (ditto), Turkey - and (and this is a big 'and') the Eastern European nations. It depends how they carve up their votes. Their songs were all terrible, but that means nothing. One of them might sneak it.

As for the UK, if Jade had been singing for the Ukraine, Russia or even Azerbaijan, it would probably win. As it is, the UK will have to be content with a position in the lower regions. It is a boring, 'safe' entry.

My favourite song? Probably Israel. My least favourite? Probably Malta. No, Germany. There were also plenty of songs so nondescript, they had no effect on me at all. Not really a classic Eurovision. Few moments of real comedy. Few novelty acts bordering on genius (remember France last year? It's the only song I remember). Anyway, to the votes...


A quarter of the way through the voting and Norway are miles ahead. Looks like they will win for sure. I can't really understand what people like about that song. I can't stand it! Anyway, the UK are currently in 4th place, which is the best we've done for a long time. Still a long way to go though and it's very close in the battle for 2nd and 3rd place.


Still some votes to come in. But Norway have won. They have scored more points than anyone in the history of Eurovision. It beats me! The UK are currently 4th. The voting has been much less political than in recent years, so it appear the new voting system has worked. Now all we need for future years is more daft comedy and at least a few good songs.


It's all over. Norway have won by a landslide. Second place were Iceland, 3rd Azerbaijan, and 4th Turkey, who sent the UK into 5th position on the last vote. I can't think of anything either profound or funny to say at this point, so I'll shut up. Maybe something will occur to me tomorrow. I have a bottle of Nastro Azzurro waiting in the fridge, a reward for watching the whole thing, which I feel I deserve.


Beth. said...

Germany was beautiful, truly!

You should swap that Nastro Azzurro for Балтика or even Borg Bokkøl :) depending on your wish to honour the host or the winner


Rob said...

Beautiful isn't quite the word for it!

I decided to honour the absent Italians. Italy hasn't entered the contest for several years now. I guess they feel their torch-song stars haven't had a chance, but maybe they'll be tempted back now.