Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hymns To Our Lady Of Chartres.

Thanks to Dan Prichard’s Wooden Spoon blog, I found a new Geoffrey Hill poem or, rather, a new version of a poem he wrote in 1984. The original was published in three sections. It now has seven - Seven Hymns to our Lady of Chartres (opens as a .pdf file). It’s a brilliant poem.

At a more mundane level, you can read three new poems by me (‘Radio Alarm’, ‘Apartment’ and ‘Exchange’) in the new issue of Succour, issue 9 (in print only). It’s an excellent magazine featuring prose, poetry and art. Arlene Ang has six poems in the same issue, and there’s plenty more good stuff.


Jo said...

How strange. I just saw you'd commented at Michelle's and I bought your book today after she showcased it. I'm looking forward to reading it :)

Anonymous said...

Most remarkable thing is not the expansion from three hymns to seven, but the capitalisation of each line's first word: a convention he dropped after 1968, and therefore not even an 'original' feature of the 1983 poems. Very odd.

Fantastic poems.


Rob said...

Jo - thanks a lot! Hope you enjoy it.

Andy, that's fascinating. I wonder whether that change will be mirrored in other poems when the 2012 Collected arrives.