Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life In The Cyclone

I’m racing from one thing to another today, but have managed to do quite a lot. All the same, things are hectic. I’ll be out and about this afternoon doing work-related stuff. I prepared work stuff this morning too. Too much work! Yesterday evening, after a meeting, I wrote a piece about reviewing poetry, which will soon appear on the Magma blog. I’ll let you know when it’s up.

Matt Merritt has written an excellent review of Andrew Philip’s The Ambulance Box.

I have a few readings now over summer, mainly in August, In Edinburgh. I’m going to be reading in London on Monday 29th June with Andrew Philip and Katy Evans-Bush and one or two others still to be confirmed (in part because we haven’t asked them yet!). The venue is still to be confirmed too, but it will be good. Hope you Londoners can keep the date free and come along to this, effectively the London launch for us Scottish poets.

And I've also been preparing a Cyclone tour for The Opposite of Cabbage, which is almost all ready. In fact, it's due to start next Monday over at Very Like a Whale. More about this soon but, for now, I must go...

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Andrew Philip said...

I'm still working on my tour, but it's coming together. Quite excited about some of the stops!

What's yours going to be called, Rob?