Monday, May 04, 2009

Party, Slam, And Two Readings

Looks like a busy week for me. There’s various work-related stuff I have to get done. My daughter has her 7th birthday party today (she was 7 last week but this was the first date we could manage a party). It’s a small party, just a few of her best friends, but it still means two hours of chaos for us.

On Thursday evening, I am reading as part of the ‘quiet slam’, run by voXboX in the Meadow Bar, Causewayside, Edinburgh from 8pm. I’ve never taken part in a slam before, even a quiet one. I will no doubt get turfed out in the first round, but I aim to enjoy the experience in any case.

Then on Friday evening, I’m reading a set in St David’s, Broomhouse Church Hall, Broomhouse Crescent, Edinburgh, from 7.30pm along with Andrew Philip, and with fine musician Alan Crocker doing a classical guitar spot. There may also be other guest performers.

On Sunday evening, it’s Poetry at the Jekyll & Hyde with Robert Crawford, Gerry McGrath, JL Williams and Julia Rampen. I'm looking forward to this!

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BarbaraS said...

Happy Birthday to the we'an - they're very tiring things the parties, but be thankful you've only one to worry about - we're only halfway through birthday season here: another three to go!