Sunday, June 28, 2009

London Calling 2

In memory of the tragic death of a pop legend at only 50-years-old, a man who was deeply influential during the last decades of the 20th century and whose music I still love today – well, here he is below:

Fantastic stuff. The song segues into my London trip tomorrow with Andrew Philip where we’ll be joined in the Lemon Monkey CafĂ©, 188 Stoke Newington High Street from 7-9pm, by Katy Evans-Bush and Yang Lian. Hope any poetry fans around London who are free that evening will drop in. Entry is free but we will have books to sell. However, sneaking out the back door without buying anything is permitted, as long as we don’t notice. Otherwise we will send our monkeys after you with an artillery of lemons.

I just found a very interesting article by poet, Pascale Petit, on translating Yang Lian, followed by the poem she translated. Pascale will also be at the event to read her translation.

Here’s the event’s Facebook page.


I should add that tomorrow, in addition to travelling to London, I will also be appearing at Claire Askew’s One Night Stanzas as part of my De-Cabbage Yourself! Cyclone tour. I’ll try to link directly to the post tomorrow if there’s time.


Space Bar said...

Oddly enough, I was thinking of Strummer and London Calling just this morning!

Andrew Shields said...

Thanks for that brilliant clip, Rob! Have a great reading! (I'll be in Heathrow in the afternoon, on my way to Boston.)

Rik said...

Ah, Joe Strummer. Though I was never a great Clash fan.

I'm tempted to make the effort to haul my arse over to Stokie for the reading, but tomorrow looks like it's building into a bit of an emotion-fest for me - I'll see how I feel after doing the necessary stuff.

Whether I turn up or not, have a stunning show and Sell Many Books!

Rob said...

Thanks, folks.

Rik, it would great to see you. Hope things go well and you can make it!

Richard P. said...

Sorry I can't make the gig Rob. Ironic when you've come all this way, but can't be done. Have a great one. Richard P.

vmh said...

Perfect link to watch. Thank you.