Saturday, June 06, 2009

Qarrtsiluni And Online Magazines

Over on qarrtsiluni, my poem, The New Economy, has just gone up, part of the unfolding Economy-themed issue. It’s pure satire, narrative, plain style – very different from my usual fare. You can hear me read it too. I have another poem, ‘Bank Holiday’, which qarrtsiluni will publish within the next couple of months.

On the subject on magazines online, I was interested to read the thoughts of Rattle editor, Tim Green, on publishing online, here and here. qarrtsiluni, of course, does exactly what he’s suggesting – it uses a blog format to build up an issue gradually. There’s also Caribbean-based zine, tongues of the ocean, which posts a few new poems every Sunday over several months until an issue is complete.

Also intriguing to read the list he mentions of top literary magazines online (who in the hell comes up with these ‘top online this and that…’ lists?), which neglects to mention Rattle, qarrtsiluni, Salt Magazine, Magma, QuickMuse, Shadow Train and Horizon Review (see my sidebar under ‘literary magazines’ for links) among others. Perhaps Salt and Horizon are too recent to qualify.

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