Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sonnet Sunday

For this week’s Sonnet Sunday, I’ve written a Curtal Sonnet. I’ve already written one about Pluto, and thought I’d try Venus this time.


When bright Venus catches his eye, he will spare
a glance for the darkness that surrounds her. It rings
her face in a field of unrequited love, the unknown
and overlooked who shyly burned up from afar,
the valentines left un-guessed at, the short-lived flings
that might have lasted, the silence of a phone.

She tempts him with an simple show of light, a spark
of silver. She is easy to like. He can’t help but admire
her beauty and wonders why she seems so alone.
When he finishes seducing her, forgetful of the dark,
he's lost his desire.


C. E. Chaffin said...


This is really good, reminds me of Dryden and Pope. Ending a little ambivalent for me; he satisfies then forgets his desire? Did he come or not? I assume he did, which brought on a personal revelation he was unprepared to deal with. Still, it limps at the end. Maybe that's by design. Who am I to say? I failed to write a sonnet today.


Rob said...

I was aiming at the sense - man feels he likes woman, has sex with her, and when it's over, realises he's no longer interested in her.

The last few lines might need a bit of tweaking.