Friday, October 09, 2009

StAnza 2010 Participants and Two Readings

The participants in 2010’s StAnza International Poetry Festival have been unveiled and it’s a terrific line-up. How fast will the Heaney tickets sell? No advance orders. You’ll see my name on the list. I’m not reading poems, but doing something else. When the full programme is released, all will be revealed.

And tonight, from 7pm, I’ll be in the Word Power Bookshop, Edinburgh, for a reading from four excellent poets:

Richard Price
Peter McCarey
David Kinloch
Alexander Hutchison

I reckon this will be a terrific reading.

Finally, on Sunday evening (11th October), ‘Poetry at the…GRV’ (35 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh - £4, concessions £3) is back from 7.45-9.45pm, featuring Brian Johnstone, Eddie Gibbons and Dave Coates. You can read poems and bios from all three at the link.


Colin Will said...

I'll see you tonight Rob, and on Sunday. Great line-ups at both gigs. Like you, I'm not doing a reading at StAnza, but something else. I'll be a 'civilian' by then, stepping down from the Board in December.

Desmond Swords said...

Shlyz, is the second word verification i had to key in, in the time spent composing this dittiful prosed squit, makkers mates reading this poster - be it known


..more excellents? ditty maker, mo chara?

This is a word which should be banned from the lexicon of anyone - particularly when one is a Makker - because it is too riddled with laziness and cliche.

Ah, excellent, that's a great, really obvious choice, let's call the other 'poet's, Your Excellent Desmond.

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. ignore the above Rob, it's all messy and free. But seriously, excellent poets, are ten a penny on Grafton Street Kabul, Aughamore and Achill makker mo chara.

I am sure they are excellent, but saying they are; who circle at anruth, silver bellas, tinkling their important choices, with non but the grade above to know, if the sound is right or not?

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Rob said...

I'm going to stick with 'excellent', especially after being at the reading. I could arrange more superlatives if anyone wants to hear them.

Anonymous said...

Excellent it was, Rob. It was a fascinating programme of different reading styles, as well as content. Outstanding.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Rob, great photo of Zappa's people I so well remember the cover...

I have written a post on submission matters and problems that has started a little debate, your contribution would be highly appreciated.