Monday, October 09, 2006

Literary Maps

On visiting Raw Light, one of Jane Holland’s blogs, I discovered a site called Literature Map.

You just type in the name of a writer (poets, novelists etc all feature) and the site lists the names of other writers who bear some relation to your original choice. But it’s the way it does it that’s really good. Try it and see!


George S said...

Been there, Rob, but anything that can put John Ashbery so close to Philip Larkin is a little unreliable.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Interesting too that Jacques Derrida and Jorie Graham show up so close to Billy Collins.

Sorlil said...

ha ha - typed in Karl Marx and Monty Python came up next to him.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Heh. Good stuff, sorlil.

I tried typing Monty Python, and both C.S. Lewis and excellent American poet, Stephen Dunn, were very near. Robert Frost wasn't far away.

Someone called Karl Moik, an Austrian film-maker, was closest - maybe the site confused him with Marx!