Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tommy Sheridan and the Video Tape

Regular readers of this blog may recall my attemps to cover the Tommy Sheridan trial, a trial in which Mr Sheridan emerged victorious over Rupert Murdoch's News of the World newspaper. Well, it was never likely to end there, but the latest twists have come as a surprise even to those who expected further revelations.

A couple of weeks ago, a video was produced by one of Tommy Sheridan’s former friends. The News of the World claim the video shows Tommy Sheridan admitting that he did visit swingers’ clubs, something he denied at the trial. Why didn’t the video show up during the trial (quite a reasonable question!)? The former friend says it was because he had been sure Mr Sheridan would lose in any case. Here’s a link where you can read the full story.

Tommy Sheridan denies the video is genuine and claims his voice has been faked on it. No surprise there. But what came as a surprise was when he came to point blame at who had concocted the video and why:

'Tommy Sheridan did not stop at the Murdoch press, but cited "sinister forces" at work. "I would not be surprised if the state is involved," he said.
"The state has a fine history of trying to destabilise and undermine socialist movements or trade union struggles. When the history of this whole episode is written about, I think you'll find that MI5 was involved." '

And it didn’t stop there. It now seems as though George W Bush, the CIA, MI5, and other “sinister forces” may all have been a part of the conspiracy to undermine Sheridan and help Rupert Murdoch get his own back for the court defeat.

Needless to say, the Home Office “declined to comment on MI5 operations.” I suspect the most sinister force here may be the force of an unrestrained ego. That’s whether the tape is genuine or not.


Anonymous said...

Rob, you bad boy. Two Sundays in a row and no sonnet. If I remove you from the Sonnet Sunday club I'll be left with only one member. But them's the breaks; I keep linking to you in my message to put the pressure on, but you are immune.

Yes, being a poet requires a thick skin. Thick enough to start your own club if need be. So it likely doesn't bother you that your membership is in jeapordy. Go on, network yourself to death and ignore your promises.

You bad, bad boy.


Rob Mackenzie said...

Well, I did one on Thursday instead!

But Sundays are really difficult days for me to sit down and write poems. I am hardly in the house and when I am, I am too tired to write a sonnet. A prose blog entry is as much as I can manage.

I'll try to write a sonnet midweek and post it next Sunday. I am also trying to write ocean poems for The Red Wheelbarrow magazine (very entertaining, Scottish based lit mag), and also a poem capable of winning the UK National Poetry Competition (deadline: end of this month). Neither of these activities are quite coming off at the moment. I think I am losing my touch.

Harry said...

Let's not jump to conclusions. It's easy to see how Scottish radical socialism would be a top priority for MI5, and that Tommy Sheridan would be a prominent figure in George W Bush's security briefings.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Exactly, Harry.

I've heard that security forces associated with lichen that may or may not have grown on the planet Mars are also taking briefings on the Sheridan threat.

It's alleged that Rupert Murdoch has long been hatching conspiracies with alien plant life throughout the universe. It all makes sense.