Sunday, October 08, 2006


I enjoy meeting with people, and like most people, I enjoy talking with people who share my passions and interests. I know some people dislike the idea of ‘networking’ with regard to poetry, but I have few problems with it. The By Leaves We Live event confirmed how productive networking can be for all concerned.

For the magazine editors and publishers – they got to meet their readership, to sell magazines and subscriptions, and to talk to potential contributors.

For readers and poets – we got to put a face to people we’d normally know only through editorials and acceptance/rejection letters, to look at magazines and discuss them with those who produce them, and to talk about submissions.

Several magazines were displayed on tables without editors present. I strongly suspect that few of these were bought. But the editors I spoke to told me they had sold a lot of magazines, simply because they had made the effort to be there.

It was beneficial all round. Some might feel it’s all wrong, and that when editors can put a face to a submitter, they might be more inclined to accept poems by them. I really doubt this. I expect most editors are concerned only with putting out the best issue they can. Their reputation is on the line after all if they include inferior poems.


Cailleach said...

Networking in any field of life always produces good results- it's part of our social instincts and in poetry it's essential to dispel that sense of being on your own.
Writing away in the garret is one thing, but you need to get it out there and networking is one of the few ways of making connections etc. It has to be done!

Rob Mackenzie said...

Yes, and I met some very nice people too.