Tuesday, November 28, 2006

From Each Skull, A Story

I’ve downloaded Rik Roots’s new .pdf e-book, From Each Skull, A Story.

So far, it looks like a worthy addition to the Rik canon. Well worth checking out (and if you email Rik quickly enough, he has 5 free copies of his excellent paperback, The Rik Verse to give away).


Rik said...

Thanks, Rob. Glad you're enjoying them so far.

Strangely, not a single person has taken me up on my offer of a free copy of The RikVerse. I've even checked to make sure I'm wearing deodorant and everything ...

Rob Mackenzie said...

I was thinking. If I was a well known, successful auuthor and offered 5 free books, people would snap them up in seconds.

But with a good writer who isn't a famous star, maybe people feel they should pay for a book, or at least do something for it. Could that be it?

It's a good book, folks!

Larry said...

I read it and it's too short. More, Rik, more!