Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sonnet Sunday

I struggled to come up with a sonnet today. In fact, I thought I was going to have to post an old one from the great unpublished archive. Then this one arrived, for better or worse.

The Bottle

The years it took to finish the device
had taken their toll. His face was lined, and grey
with lack of sunlight. But at last the day
had come to demonstrate the merchandise
and thousands gathered round. So calm, precise
in measurement, he shared the Beaujolais
with all – from one bottle. Without delay,
he called the press to witness paradise.

The bottle had a button, and when pressed,
would fill again. Can that be a miracle?
The press were busy stalking borderline
celebrities and had no interest
in pop religion. Most were cynical.
Some staggered to the bars. Some built a shrine.


scavella said...

I really like it, FWIW, Rob. Very nice. The sestet may need a bit of tweaking, but what doesn't?

Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks Scavella.

Andy said...

This is wonderful - clean, precise, great narrative drive to it. I enjoyed reading it. x

Rob Mackenzie said...

Thanks Andy.