Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Last Three Books

Poetry books are expensive, but I do like to buy them. I borrow as well, which helps the Scottish Poetry Library to justify its existence (not that it needs to really, but some people might think so). However, it also seems important to support publishers who take the risk of publishing poetry.

So what were the last three poetry books you bought? Post them to your blog and say whether they are worth buying. Something might appeal to me, and it’s good to get recommendations.

The last three I bought are:

After Confession edited by Kate Sontag and David Graham – a collection of essays on poetry, specifically on the lyric “I” e.g. the nature of authorial responsibility on telling the truth, the autobiographical impulse, the blurring of the distinction between fact and fiction etc. It looks really interesting.

The Long and the Short of It by Roy Fisher – this is Fisher’s Collected Poems from1955-2005. Fisher is one of the most interesting and imaginative UK poets and what I’ve read so far has been most enjoyable.

Sushi and Chips by Colin Will – Colin lives in Dunbar on the east coast of Scotland. I’ve only had a chance to read through a few poems, which were subtle and well written.


Mark McGuinness said...

Good idea, I've posted my 3 books up at

Mark McGuinness said...

Hmmm, hard to link from here - let's try again: my 3 books

Anonymous said...

Well, I looked, and the last three poetry volumes I bought were by Housman, Berryman, and Virgil. I guess this isn't going to help the Scottish Poetry Library, huh?

Hedgie said...

Okay, I've started my list over at The Compost Heap, although I've only gotten one done tonight; the other two will follow tomorrow.

Rob Mackenzie said...

Mark - Good choices! I don't know Judy Brown's poems, but will have a look. I enjoyed Tim Turnbull's one very much. Jim Sheard's is terrific.

RHE - Pretty good too. If you're ever in Edinburgh, don't forget to look in at the SPL. You would love it.

Hedgie - Yes, your review of Mary Oliver confirmed what I've thought of the little I've read of her. I look forward to hearing about the other two when you get the time.

Hedgie said...

The other two reviews are finally up.

This was a great idea, Rob. I think I'll be doiong more of these occasionally, and I hope you and others will, too.

Mark McGuinness said...

Rob - the SPL table looks pretty good to me at the moment! Or is that not what you meant? ;-)

Hedgie - interesting reviews, I've never read any Korean poetry, have bookmarked for reference.

SarahJ said...

enjoyed learning your choices. i'd really like to read something by roy fisher. is there anything online? amazon won't let me "search inside."

Rob Mackenzie said...

There are a few Roy Fisher poems at the Poetry Archive, but not much else on the Internet. His work is so varied, there are no representative poems that could encapsulate his style, but if you like them, you’d probably like many of his other poems

SarahJ said...

Thanks a lot, Rob.