Saturday, November 18, 2006

North Berwick 'Gig'

I was in North Berwick last night for an open-mic type event, mainly because Apprentice had suggested it might be a good evening and would give me some much-needed practice in reading my poems in public.

I enjoyed it. There were some very good writers there – some reading poems, others prose, which ranged from memoirs to fiction. People seemed friendly and the wine was fine. I read three poems. Two came from my chapbook – Taxi and The Actress – and I read In the Last Few Seconds because the organiser, Alan Gay, had asked me to.

One good thing about live readings is that I see at first hand how poems go down in that setting. The Actress, which is about my admiration for the pre-Hollywood Penelope Cruz, with a sideswipe at the less interesting forms of confessional poetry, got a lot of laughs, so I’ve noted that one as a crowd-pleaser – one I can sandwich between the heavier stuff.

It was nice to meet Apprentice, who was a good reader of her work. Colin Will was also there, and his poems came over very well. I went off with a copy of Alan Gay’s chapbook, but when I decided to rummage through the rest (in between talking with folk), they had disappeared. Maybe another time…


apprentice said...

The Actress one worked really well! Glad you enjoyed it. Alan also goes to Poets' School at the Poetry Library and is organising the pamphlet fair on 13th December.

Sorry some of us had a lift organised, so we had to whip our stuff away.


Rob Mackenzie said...

I'll be at the Fair on the 13th. I was there last year and it was a worthwhile evening. I'm not sure holding it just before Christmas when people's pockets are liable to be empty (or in the process of emptying) is such a good idea.

apprentice said...

You're probably right, and my pamphlet isn't exactly cheery, lol!
I've got to rush away at the end to meet up with the rest of the Board from this small charity I'm involved with. I'm missing their Christmas/New Year dinner.

Mind you my FIL is selling so many copies of the book that I probably don't need to worry. He's retired Minister and has a huge circle of contacts and he presses a copy on everyone he meets. I think I'll make him my agent!

Cailleach said...

Well done to both you guys!

I'd love to hear you both in action :¬)

You can't beat reading live just to see what works for an audience - it's a totally different animal.

Once again - hats off!

Rob Mackenzie said...

Apprentice - he can be my agent too if he wants!

Barbara - thanks. Why not come to the StAnza festival in March?