Monday, November 20, 2006

Leona on the X Factor

Simon Cowell’s X-Factor UK talent show has become a one-horse race with five weeks still to go – at least that will be the case if there is any justice left in the world. Leona is so far ahead of the other contestants, it’s amazing the rest pick up a single vote between them. But that’s the UK public for you.

My musical tastes are more Nick Cave/Leonard Cohen/Morrissey, but even I can recognise the commercial potential of a fine singer when I hear one. This is Leona singing Bridge over Troubled Water on last week’s show. Her performance belongs in a different league from the rest.

Or perhaps her version of Summertime a couple of weeks before was even better?

The one question is whether there is life after X-Factor, and that’s whether the public vote for her to win or not. Does the world need another Whitney Houston? We already have one, albeit an American one. Or can Leona become her own person? I suspect it will be to her advantage if she doesn't win.

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