Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Books to Check Out

Colin Will has reviewed three chapbooks, all of which I have read and would recommend – Jim Carruth’s High Auchensale, Eleanor Livingstone’s The Last King of Fife, and Matt Merritt’s Making the Most of the Light.

And to bring things full circle, Andrew Shields has also reviewed Sushi and Chips, the latest collection from Colin Will. I’ve read this too and it’s very good.

It’s worth taking a chance on any of these collections, even if you’ve never heard of the authors. Details of how to buy them can be found at the links. I’ve heard it said that personal recommendation sells more books than anything else. This is your chance to prove it!

1 comment:

Colin Will said...

Many thanks for this Rob. I've just reviewed Andrew Shields' Cabinet d'amateur on my blog.