Friday, June 01, 2007

Moonies in Uruguay Poem

My poem, While the Moonies are Taking Over Uruguay, is online at, as part of Magma, issue 29.

Nice to see it. But there’s a typo in the title, and (more importantly) the poem should be in stanzas of three lines, not one long splurge. I’ll have to get in touch with them.


Sorlil said...

Well done but must be annoying to see your work printed with errors, esp the linebreaks which makes a big difference to the reading.

Andrew Shields said...

I once caught a corner-of-my-glimpse of the badge a Mormon was wearing, and I thought it said "Elmer." So for me, all Mormons on missions are "Elmers," not "Elders."

Rude of me, of course.

This was in Weimar, of all places. A hot summer day in 1991, unable to find the address I was looking for. The Elmers looked somewhat lost, too.

Rob said...

sorlil - I'm not annoyed. These things happen, especially when putting things online. But I'll get in touch with them and ask them to sort it. I think it's better in the stanzas.

Andrew - I'm now going to find it difficult not to think of 'Elmer' next time I see a Mormon.

Andrew Shields said...

Sorry about that! :-)