Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Short or Long Lines

Tony Williams made an interesting entry to his blog on his reaction to short and long lines, and what kind of poems short or long lines are best suited to etc.

I’ve been thinking about this, but haven’t found anything compelling to say, other than that I really like Sarah Maguire’s poem, Passages, but that I, like Tony, tend to lean towards a longer line. I’m sure Tony would be happy to hear from you at his blog if you have any thoughts, and I’d like to read them too!


Ed Parsons said...

Thanks for the mention Rob; you've ramped up the traffic to my blog no end. I may have to consider a bus lane!

On the strength of comments so far, people do seem to prefer the long line, which slightly surprises me, I don't know why. Maybe some short-line afficionados can put the case for the defence?


Rob said...

It is strange, as short lines are so common in so many lit mags. Maybe bloggers prefer long lines? A research project is needed.

Crafty Green Poet said...

From the blog poetry I read, a lot of bloggers seem to prefer short lines, even when it (for me) detracts from the smooth flow of the writing. For me short lines add drama, long lines add lyricism and flow.