Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Britishness on Radio 3

For those of you interested in cultural perspectives on Britain: from Monday (last night) on BBC Radio 3 there is a series of radio essays on the theme of Britishness seen through the eyes of foreign writers living here. There are 4 of these, every night at 11pm, and the last one, on Valentine's Day, is written and read by Kapka Kassabova, who will be reading her poems at the Great Grog in June. The other writers are James Berry (very interesting Caribbean poet), whose programme happened yesterday, Nadeem Aslam (Pakistani novelist, author of Map for Lost Lovers) and Eva Hoffman (author of the memoir Lost in Translation).

You can hear these broadcasts by going to the Radio 3 Listen Again feature. Click on the Radio 3 iPlayer and then on ‘The Essay’ (under ‘e’, not ‘t’ in the alphabetical list). I’m not sure whether this works outside the UK, but you can always try.


Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Living in Italy I was so happy sevn years ago or so when I could get the BBC radios with the TV satellite, then they disappeared with the arrival of the digital satellite and haven't reappeared since then.
Best wishes, Davide Trame ITALY
PS I got to your blog thanks to Arlene Ang's blog. Mine is
I would be really happy if you visited it.

Cuitlamiztli Carter said...

The expansive offerings of the BBC are among Britain's best contributions to the world.

Rob said...

These programmes were really good. And if anyone hasn't listened to Kapka's splendid offering, you have a couple of days still to do so. It was simultaneously pointed and funny.