Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hazel Frew's Birthday Party

Last night I was at Hazel Frew’s 40th birthday party in Glasgow. It was a great evening. Plenty of continental beer in the fridge, and fantastic home-made pakora and veggie curry for picking at on the kitchen table.

There were plenty of poets among the guests and plenty of actors and actresses. You could tell the actors by their impressive hairstyles, the actresses by their confident plunging necklines, and the poets by their inability not to stare at both in awe (well, I am exaggerating slightly - but not much!).

I enjoyed the patter, the atmosphere, the fun, although after several beers I got into an earnest conversation about the successes and failures of Cuba – Cuba! at 11pm in a Glasgow party! – but fortunately the entertainment began and extricated us all. There were songs, poems, more fun – but I had to catch the midnight bus back to Edinburgh and had to miss most of that, one of the catches of having work to do on a Sunday morning.

Still, a very enjoyable evening. Here's to next year, the 41st. Same time, same place?

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