Saturday, February 16, 2008

Poetry at the Great Grog: What's Coming Up...

Here's a programme for the Great Grog poetry readings in Edinburgh from now until February 2009. The 'and one other' entries don't represent a vacant space. I'm just waiting for confirmation from a couple of people. Some brilliant evenings of live poetry lie ahead, as you can no doubt see. I owe a word of thanks to Roddy Lumsden. If he hadn't asked me to find a venue for him to read at when he was last up in Edinburgh, I probably wouldn't have bothered to get all this going. I'll give more information on the individual poets in due time, but you can google most of them:

Sunday 13th April, 2008
Tom Pow
Joy Hendry
Margaret Christie
Elizabeth Gold

Sunday 8th June, 2008

Kapka Kassabova
Mike Stocks
Eleanor Livingstone
Jim Carruth

Sunday 14th September, 2008
Michael Schmidt
Helena Nelson
Dorothy Baird
Charlotte Runcie

Sunday 12th October, 2008
Kei Miller
Hamish Whyte
Rob A. Mackenzie
(+ one other)

Sunday 9th November, 2008
A.B. Jackson
Colin Will
Patricia Ace
James W. Wood

Sunday 8th February 2009
Tim Turnbull
Andrew Philip
Andrew Shields
(+ one other)

I hope that some readers of this blog will make it along to these events. I'm always pleased to hear from people who would like to read, by the way - email me if you're interested. I'm going to form a small committee to make the decisions on who reads after February (other than those few who have already been booked of course).



I would love to read at the Great Grog!

But it's a bit of a trek to Edinburgh, alas ...

Could you email me or PM me at the Poets on Fire forum with the full details of this advance schedule - better still, post it up on the forum calendar so I can scoop it up and slip it back out to the public in a future POF blog entry.

Matt Merritt said...

Great line-ups, Rob, and I will definitely have to time a visit to Edinburgh to coincide with one.
I'd love to read there, too, if and when there's a gap.

Rob said...

Jane, Matt

Well, I'd be delighted to have either of you! After February 2009, the dates will be 19th April, and then the second Sundays of May, June, September, October and November. I haven't given much thought to these yet, but on the off-chance that you're going to be anywhere near Edinburgh at these times, let me know. At the moment, big travelling expenses could cripple my budget, which is virtually nil, apart from what we take in at the door.

Jane, I'll post the dates on the PoF calendar.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, I'm a (mostly) Canadian poet living in Edinburgh. Gonna come check out a few of the Grogs, sounds great! Also wondering about maybe doing a reading (I guess next year?). I couldn't find your email address so here's mine if you're interested...
Sandra Alland