Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Piano Has Been Drinking

Tom is playing Edinburgh and I don’t have a ticket, so this will have to do. So many rock singers cultivate “attitude” and it’s always the same shruggy moodiness. In contrast, Tom displays the sharpest sense of humour ever, in both the song and interview:

“I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a…”


Anonymous said...

Ah, my favourite Waits song I think, tho it was missing this great verse:

The bouncer is a Sumo wrestler
Cream puff Casper milk toast
And the owner is a mental midget
With the I.Q. of a fencepost


BarbaraS said...

He is good, but gets better the further up to date you get. Sorry you can't make it to see him.

Claire Askew said...

Don't worry Rob - I had tickets but sadly had to sell them as I ended up being in Canada on the day of the gig. I am a massive Waits fan and was really sad to forgo the experience -- however, I have since read a heap of reviews which suggested that the Edinburgh concerts were by no means the best of the tour, and that the few good 'oldies' he played seemed to be done under massive duress. I've watched a bit of the set on Youtube and I'm now pretty glad that I got my £100 back, as I might have been a bit disappointed by the gig in the end. As my favourite recordings are from the 1973 - 1980 Asylum period, I reckon the time has passed for me... he's much more focussed on playing his newer, more offbeat stuff nowadays!