Tuesday, July 01, 2008

POF Forums

Lots of interesting discussions going on at the Poets on Fire forums at the moment. I’ve got involved in the Poets and the Autistic Spectrum thread – an emotive subject for me – and, briefly, in the thread about Taking Criticism.

But you can also consider Todd Swift’s highly controversial blog entry about Salt Publications (I might get involved in that one too if I can summon up the energy - not sure I can, mind you), the debate on poetry and accessibility, and Roddy Lumsden’s poetry recommendations via a series of articles originally published in the Book Magazine…and that’s just some of the more recent threads in the 'Contemporary British and Irish Poetry' section!


Rachel Fox said...

Emotive subject - can I ask why? If you'd rather not put details here that's understandable but on the other hand...I'm always interested in people and their stories...and throwing a phrase like that in is bound to make a person ask a question!

Rob said...

Oh, it's fine. My daughter is on the autistic spectrum - either Asperger Syndrome or 'High-Functioning' autism.

Rachel Fox said...

Thanks for answering. I asked because (a) I have a friend with an autistic son, (b) I have worked with children with all sorts of needs and (c) I am, as I said, interested in folk. I think your daughter's about the same age as mine.