Friday, May 29, 2009

The De-Cabbage Yourself Experience!

From Monday, I’ll be setting off on my virtual Cyclone Blog Tour, ‘The De-Cabbage Yourself Experience!’ (unless someone talks me out of using that title by the end of this weekend). Basically, I’ll be visiting a blog every Monday through summer, with a fortnight’s break in July, and answering a few questions at each.

It’s all just a crude capitalist plot to sell copies of that evil book, The Opposite of Cabbage, which currently has sold out at Perhaps the same person has been buying up all the copies and burning them as fast as Salt can make them. If you are that person, please keep up the good work.

Tour dates are below. I might add one further date at some point, but perhaps not. Please join me, for certain, at Very Like a Whale on Monday.

1. 1st June – Nic Sebastian: Very Like a Whale (q 1-5)

2. 8th June – Marion McCready: Poetry in Progress

3. 15th June – Ivy Alvarez: Dumbfoundry

4. 22nd JuneNicolette Bethel: Scavella’s Blogsphere

5. 29th JuneClaire Askew: One Night Stanzas

6. 16th July (Thursday) - Bernardine Evaristo: Bernardine Evaristo’s Blog

7. 20th July Anna Dickie: My (Elastic) Gap Year

8. 27th July - Barbara Smith: Barbara’s Bleeuugh!

9. 3rd August – Michelle McGrane: Peony Moon

10. 10th August - Nic Sebastian: Very Like a Whale (q-6-10)

11. 17th August – Jee Leong Koh: Song of a Reformed Headhunter


Nic Sebastian said...

woohoo! looking forward to it!

BarbaraS said...

Look foward to following the mayhem. I like these blog tours, especially when they cover a lot of physical distance, virtually, philosophically, metaphysically and of course, the best one, the literary one!

Michelle said...

The Opposite of Cabbage has sold out at Great going, Rob.

Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Rob, I have written a post about experiences with editors who decided to work with the author on his poem.
It would be interesting to hear something about your experiences.
I will follow your blog-tour.

Rob said...

Amazon seem to have a single copy for sale again this morning.

apprentice said...

Good luck, and the best way to travel, no shots or passport required and no 13 hour delays at the airport.