Saturday, December 16, 2006

X-Factor Final Result: Leona Wins!

Heh. Well, my prediction was wrong and Leona won.

They both had to sing the same song to finish off the show, A Moment Like This, which I understand was a Kelly Clarkson hit - that might explain why I don't remember it. The song was entirely forgettable, but Leona wiped the floor with Ray. Ray sang it with warmth and expression, but he couldn't get anywhere near Leona's vocal performance.

Here's Leona’s version. Here’s Ray’s version. It does strike me that the song was obviously chosen with Leona in mind – a touch of unfairness perhaps?

And here's the announcement of the result and Leona’s reaction. At first it’s surprise and obvious joy, which quickly seems to change to complete shock. She can’t string two words together, although she was able to sing again.

Credit to Ray for being the best of losers. He seems like a nice guy. Now Leona will get a Christmas number one and put out an album with the X-Factor crew. I'd like to see her sing original soul songs, but she probably won't be allowed to - a shame, as she has an amazing soul voice. Maybe one day.


nmj said...

I can honestly say I never watch the X Factor or Pop Idol (what's the difference?!), but a friend had talked enthusiastically about the finalists so I was intrigued and tuned in last night. I am not musical at all, I can tell if someone can sing or if they can't sing, but I could never detect subtleties. I wasn't aware of Leona hitting dodgy notes and I absolutely wanted her to win, cheeky chappie Ray did nothing for me - but I couldn't watch the announcement, I was so nervous I had to switch it off. I looked it up on the internet later!

Rob said...

It was a nervous moment. You can re-live it now, as I've linked to the announcement. Leona ends up in total shock. Ray, I have to say, was a model loser.