Friday, September 21, 2007

Arts Celebration

My church is holding an Arts Celebration Day this afternoon. It’s mainly devoted to visual arts, and also craftwork, but I decided to contribute some poetry this year. I’ve hand-written four of my poems onto card, signed them, and mounted them in wooden frames. I wonder if any of them will sell! I’m also selling copies of my chapbook at a discount (only £2). I’ll let you all know how it goes, even if I sell none.

***Report: Rather amazingly, all ten of the chapbooks I left on the stall sold! In addition, two of the framed poems sold. Maybe community arts festivals are the way to go...***


Cailleach said...

I did a reading in 03 for a charity event in Drogheda and agreed to donate proceeds of the chapbooks sold to them. They shifted like the proverbial hot one! You should do more events like that and get the chapbook to a wider audience!

Scotty said...

Way to go, Rob.