Sunday, September 02, 2007

Friday Reading

I’ll be doing a 15-minute poetry reading at the Tchai Ovna in the West End of Glasgow (42 Otago Lane) this Friday 7 September from about 8pm, along with other readers (I don’t know who else is on the bill). They ask for a donation of £2 at the door as entry fee.

Come along if you’re anywhere near Glasgow. It will be the first time I’ve read poetry in Glasgow since the late nineties when I used to go every month to the open mic at the Bar Brel (an event that no longer happens).


Anonymous said...

Can't make Glasgow, but I don't suppose there's anything poetic going on in Edinburgh late morning early afternoon on 6 Oct, when I will be wandering round the city at a loose end?


Anonymous said...

Catch you there. Pints after.


Rob said...

Rob - as luck will have it, the By Leaves We Live event is on at the Scottish Poetry Library that day. Last year it was really good. If you want to come, I'll meet you there.

Andy, it sounds like I'll be running for the late train this time. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

That sounds perfect Rob. I'll check on times and mail/pm you.


Andrew Philip said...

Good luck with the reading, Rob. I enjoyed reading there in Feb last year.

Rob said...

Cheers Andy. Report now up. Hope your gig in Linlithgow went well too.