Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The new Sphinx

Issue 7 of Sphinx magazine has just arrived and looks full of good stuff. It’s definitely one to subscribe to. It doesn’t contain many poems, but is packed with articles on poetry and publishing, reviews, interviews, cartoons. Its recent application for funding from the Scottish Arts Council was unsuccessful, which seems most unfair to me.

Issue 7 contains, amongst many other things, an interview with Frogmore Papers editor, Jeremy Page, a feature on ‘editorial pet hates’, and a review by Tia Ballantine of Jee Leong Koh’s chapbook, Payday Loans:

“Thankfully imperfect and patiently brilliant, this chapbook introduces a poet whose compassionate insightful voice deserves to be heard…[The poems are] generous, honest, and lively.”

Well done, Jee, and well deserved.


James Midgley said...

I've not received mine yet. :(

Nice to see Jee's chapbook get some more attention, though. I reviewed it a while back for The Roundtable Review. Enjoyed it very much.

Colin Will said...

Not got mine either Rob. Is there a review of Mary Johnston's Kennt His Faither in it, by any chance? I tell you, a publisher waiting for reviews is worse than an author.

Rob said...

I possibly got mine a day or two earlier, as a contributor (online).

I don't see anything on Mary Johnston, Colin. In this issue, there are less reviews than normal (only 4, I think) and more articles. Most reviews are on the website (over 30), but I don't see Mary Johnston there either.

Colin Will said...

Thanks Rob. Maybe the next issue - I sent off Mercedes Claraso's chapbook, and the Jo Gibson one will be published in November. Fingers crossed for all three. I've started to think about my 2008 publishing programme. One, maybe two, authors identified.

I read the Judith Lal review on the website - she's written some very original poems, I think.