Sunday, September 02, 2007

Manuscript Evolution

Thanks to Andrew Philip for saying nice things about my MS on his blog.

As Andy also points out, the MS is continuing to evolve. Some poems have been removed and most will never find their way back into the MS. A few of these might live again if I can revise them effectively.

I’ve written several poems recently that are queuing up for entry, but I’m reluctant to let them in until a few months have gone past. I tend to overrate my new material and need to time to see it in clearer perspective. I guess this is normal for most writers.

But by that time, I will have written more poems, which will also be in a queue, so I’ll have to stop adding to and subtracting from the MS at some point, when I’m sure it’s strong enough.

I’m going to try sending a few of the stronger new poems out to magazines in the meantime.

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