Thursday, October 11, 2007

Begin the Beguine

Thanks to Cailleach for her article, Begin the Beguine, which more or less explains why everyone should place an order for The Clown of Natural Sorrow as soon as possible!

I have a small pile of copies of The Clown on the corner of my office desk that I take with me to readings etc. Back at the HappenStance ranch, there are fewer than 45 copies left. Perhaps, with your help, the chapbook will sell out completely before the end of, oh…., 2008?

I should point out that there are two misprints in the article, both from my poem, Girl Playing Sudoku on the 7.15 – “unleash to the stink/ of Lynx” should read “unleash the stink/ of Lynx” and “one hesitation/ begins a hesitation” should read “one hesitation/ begins a chain.”


Cailleach said...

Bugger - Sorry about that Rob... that's what I get for rushing at it... will see if I can get that fixed.

Rob said...

Don't worry about it! The good thing about online publications is that mistakes can be easily corrected. Thanks for the article.