Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mary Margaret O'Hara

With 'Miss America' (1988), she recorded one of the greatest albums of all time, and topped it off by not following it up! Apparently she still plays low-profile gigs around Toronto, but that's rather far away from me. So I'm delighted to find this video clip of her performing in her unique style.


Anonymous said...

One of the weaker songs on the album for me: would love to see Year In Song or Body's In Trouble. But great stuff.


Rob said...

Yes, it's not one the strongest tracks, which says something for the quality of the album! Anew Day always makes me feel happy.

RcL said...

One of my favourite youtube clips - her, er , modulation (?) is astonishing, I mean the way she holds off the phrasings against the music (though she is miming here), Andy, there is a promo clip for Body's In Trouble on youtube. Rob, there was a follow-up album of sorts - the soundtrack for a film called Apartment Hunting, which is done by MMO'H - a little too jazzy for my tastes - but there is a fine, subtle track (I Don't Care - give it time, it's a slowburner) also viewable on youtube.