Saturday, October 06, 2007

By Leaves We Live

Today, I’ll be at By Leaves We Live in the Scottish Poetry Library – an annual event here.

• Stalls, displays and talks.
• Drop in to browse or buy
• Meet publishers, artists and poets from Scotland and beyond
• Lsten to talks on poetry and art publishing

For readers, writers, artists, designers, publishers – all welcome.

• First showing at the Library of the duplicator used by Gael Turnbull to print the highly influential Migrant magazine
• First book-fair opportunity to buy works from Wild Hawthorn Press: the Archive of Ian Hamilton Finlay

The full programme is at the link. I’ll report back


Cailleach said...

What's Ian Hamilton Finlay like Rob? Have you any of his stuff? Curious because I saw his name on the student boards the other day and wondered about him.
You're so lucky to live in the middle of a city and have access to all these kinds of things :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I suppose he is lucky, and it was for the novice me anyway, an incredibly interesting few hours. Still, I wasn't sorry to get back to stars and silence this evening.

Great to meet you at last Rob. Lunch interrupted by a stolen bike wheel and a bandy dog was entertaining, and there's certainly a poem in the defizzing of diet coke with a mint!



Rob said...

I can't say much about Ian HF. He was a real experimenter and blurred the barriers between word, art and architecture, that's for sure. You might want to have a look at Little Sparta, which is one of his greatest "works", if you can call it that.

Good to meet you too, Rob.