Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fisches Nachtgesang

The internet can lead you into strange but worthwhile places you might otherwise never have known, as evidenced by my travels a few days ago. It began innocently at Very Like a Whale, which led me to click on the link to the discussion on a Christian Morgenstern concrete poem at the Harriet blog, which led to the slightly dated sound of ’Nein!’ by Fisches Nachtgesang, as flagged up in the comments box by Don Share, which nevertheless led me to investigate further and find this footage below. I’d go to see them if they came anywhere near Edinburgh (they are from Finland), partly because they seem to have a sense of humour as well as being (obviously) excellent musicians. It's certainly not your average musical experience!


deemikay said...

Other than the death metal nonsense, Scandinavians are possibly the coolest folk on the planet. (I don't use "cool" very often outside the temperature field... and in this case, both work :) )

Colin Will said...

I liked that. Definitely a Kurt Weill influence on the singing. I'm enjoying a couple of other Scandinavian groups at the moment - Little Dragon, and Our Broken Garden.