Saturday, March 07, 2009

Lions In My Own Garden

I think this was Prefab Sprout’s first single. Certainly, it was the first one I was aware of. It’s a terrific song. Prefab Sprout should have been more successful than they were, but that’s so often the case with inspired but off-kilter art that it hardly bears saying.


SAB said...

One of my all time favourites. I have the original Kitchenware 7" right here. You've got to love Paddy for all manner of things, like trying to condense 'The Power and the Glory' into a 3-minute pop song (and vowing never to try it again). Simon

Michael Peverett said...

Trivia fact, did you know that "Lions in my own garden (exit someone" is an acrostic of LIMOGES, where his much-missed girlfriend was at college?

In those early days Paddy wrote interesting songs. A lot of "Swoon" was about quite recondite matters of Catholic theology.