Thursday, March 05, 2009

World Book Day 2009

I should mention that it’s World Book Day, an initiative that seems primarily aimed at children. I guess that’s where to start, but children won’t read books if adults don’t encourage them by reading themselves.

So buy a book today. Better still, buy a poetry book!
Recently published poetry collections on my ‘to read’ pile:

D.A. Powell – Chronic (Graywolf)
Claire Crowther –The Clockwork Gift (Shearsman)
Antony Rowland – The Land of Green Ginger (Salt)
Roddy Lumsden – Third Wish Wasted (Bloodaxe)

The last of these features a sleeping snow-fox in mid-air on the cover. When I bought it, at Waterstones, the shop assistant told me she loved the cover and started showing it to other people in the queue! There was a short discussion on how the image had been captured – was it photoshop trickery? That’s my guess.


deemikay said...

Maybe not... see here. They seem to do that. It may be jumping off something, and that something's been airbrushed out.

(I bought a book... but not of poetry. Instead, origami.)

Colin Will said...

Arctic foxes (which this is) often leap vertically to break a snow crust to get at lemmings etc below the surface. I think that's what's happening.

Bought Victorian Farm - nice book.

Roddy said...

Yes, Colin's spot on. The fox is leaping in the air, to get at some rodent or other. I first saw the picture at the Natural History Museum's annual photo competition exhibition a few years back. Even though it came second or third, it was this picture that had a crowd round it and that caught my eye too. I bought a few postcards of it and it has been a constant image for me and I still like it. Hope you enjoy the book, Rob.

deemikay said...

Roddy: can you remember the name of the photographer?

deemikay said...

Or even - Rob: what's the photographer's name on the back of the book?


Rob said...

Thanks, David, Colin and Roddy - fascinating stuff.

The photographer is Steven Kazlowski.

I promised the bookseller in Waterstones that I'd go back in and tell her if I ever found out anything about the photo, so I'll do that next week some time.

It is a terrific cover.

Rob said...

He seems to specialise in Arctic photography. There’s a gallery of his photos here, including the leaping foxes.

deemikay said...

Thanks. :)

I've seen some of his polar bear shots before. I hope he packs his thermals each time he goes...