Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Letters From Our Editor

It’s possible that some people may not yet have looked at Chris Hamilton-Emery’s hilarious Letters from our Editor series, featuring spoofed correspondence between various poet-submitters and editor, Albert D. Sump – I say ‘spoofed’, but much of it is apparently based on reality. The mind boggles!

e.g. "Hey Man,

You think you’re smart. I’m gonna cut you up, Bud. I’ll spread this everywhere you jackass. You don’t know nothing. You publish shit. I think I’ll die of boredom. I think everyone in Canada would love to know about you. You don’t understand nothing. You fake. You’re just fake, a total fake. Faker. Fake ass. I’ll write to everyone you publish on Facebook and let them know what you’re like. You’re totally dead. I’ll give you one chance right just read this poem and you’ll get it or I will do this, man. I mean it..."

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