Friday, August 07, 2009

Currently Listening To...

...Yo La Tengo.

And you know how you get some bands who take themselves far too seriously, well here's the antidote:



Matt Merritt said...

Brilliant! They always manage to get that over at gigs, too, that feeling that you just happen to be sitting in on them having a good time.

deemikay said...

I'm finally getting round to my backlog of blog readings (backblog?). And as I'm at work I can't see what Yo La Tengo song(s) are there, but the very name makes me smile.

One of theirs could have been on my Top 5 at my place. :)

deemikay said...

Ahhh... now I can see the videos. And I say: good choices. :)

For more in the way of not-taking-themselves-seriously, there's this one.

Oh, and their recent covers album (with the rather sweary title of F*ckbook and the nom de band of The Condof*cks) is also rather fun. :)