Sunday, August 16, 2009

Live At The Edinburgh Fringe

To catch up: my Blackwell’s at the Fringe reading went well, and I enjoyed all the others on the night too. The crowd was a good size and very positive. Blackwell’s is an excellent bookshop, one of my favourites in Edinburgh, and I was amazed and delighted to see they had copies of my book and Andrew Philip’s (Andy is reading there this Thursday 20th) not only in the shop but also on the window display. Salt in shop windows! Three cheers for Blackwell’s! My set list was:

1. Light Storms from a Dark Country
2. Girl Playing Sudoku on the 7.15
3. Berlusconi and the National Grid
4. While the Moonies are Taking Over Uruguay
5. Scottish Sonnet Ending in American
6. Scotlands
7. Everyone Will Go Crazy

On Friday I was MC at Utter!, introducing Rapunzel Wizard (who lived up to his name), Stephen Barnaby and Graeme Hawley. It’s well worth checking out Utter! by the way. It’s free (although donations are more than welcome), and there’s a different programme every evening. On Friday, I read:

1. Our Inventions
2. Scotland
3. Breaking the Hoodoo
4. Whisky
5. Visiting Hour

Yesterday evening, I was back at Utter! to hear John Hegley, Tim Wells and Tim Turnbull – excellent performances by the Donut Press crew. Afterwards, I ended up in the Oxford Bar where Tim Wells celebrated his birthday in the traditional way.

Tomorrow (Monday), I’ll be doing a short poetry set sometime between 7.50-8.40pm for Underword at Fingers Piano Bar, Frederick Street. Then I have a break for a week and am back at Utter (5.30-6.20pm) on Wednesday 26th and Saturday 29th.

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