Monday, August 10, 2009

Report from Utter!

Excellent opening night for Utter! at the Festival Fringe last Saturday. I really enjoyed the readings by Richard Tyrone-Jones, Tim Key, Jenny Lindsay and Jude Simpson and my own reading went well. Good audience too. A Radio 4 programme, You and Yours, was recording bits of it and asking members of the audience for their reaction. It should be broadcast on Friday between midday and one o’clock.

My set-list?

1. Concentration
2. Inbox
3. Hangover
4. Shopping List
5. Advice from the Lion-Tamer to the Poetry Critic
6. Homecoming

I’m going to catch today’s performance, at the usual time – 5.30pm at Fingers Piano Bar, Frederick Street. Free!

On Saturday, I stayed on for this strange improvised ‘dating counsellor’ act. This guy got audience members to enact various dating scenarios and to consider strategies. One of those acts you’d only find at the Edinburgh Fringe. It was good fun. I also stayed on for Underword, another Spoken Word event (7.50-8.40pm each night at Fingers Piano Bar). Again, some good, enjoyable stuff there and I may also stay on tonight. I’m on at Utter! again this Friday 14th, doing my MC thing, introducing English poets who liked Scotland so much they moved here.

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