Sunday, August 23, 2009

News From Salt Publishing

Just a reminder that all Salt books are available in August direct from Salt Publishing at a 33% discount, free shipping on orders with a cover price of over £30 or $30. The offer ends 31 August 2009, so only one week to go. Enter the coupon code HU693FB2 when in the store to benefit.

I’ve ordered three books, all of which look really interesting:

The Wrong Miracle by Liz Gallagher
The Poems of Sidney West by Juan Gelman (‘Sidney West’ is an imaginary American author invented by Gelman).
Home and Variations by Robert Archambeau

Salt hardbacks are also available for excellent prices, complete with free postage in many parts of the world (including North America), from The Book Depository.

Also, Chris at Salt asks:

“What do you think is the most important book Salt has published?

“You don't have to have read everything we’ve done, or have knowledge of it all, just cast your vote on the Salt book that mattered most to you and that you believe is an important literary work.

“Do share the vote with any online friends, I’ll register the vote here on this Facebook note. I’ll accept email votes (chris[AT], too, and Tweets to @saltpublishing or #JustOneBook. Deadline 15th September 2009.”

If there are a few books that you value equally, you can have more than one vote. I’d see the vote as less about a competition and more about getting books on people’s radar. I voted for Scales Dog and I already know of one person who has bought it since and really enjoyed it.

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