Sunday, June 17, 2007

God and Christopher

I haven’t read Christopher Hitchens’s book – yet another book attempting to discredit religion and argue that there is no God (is anyone bored yet?) – but I did enjoy John Crace’s treatment of it in The Digested Read. Very funny!

'The purpose of this book is not to prove God doesn't exist; it is to prove I am cleverer than Richard Dawkins.'

Heh heh.


Unknown said...

Oh that made me laugh! Not another book by an anti God botherer, I thought - sheesh, get off that groove, please!

apprentice said...

I don't think religions needs the botherers, most do a pretty good job discrediting themselves.

I liked the woman today who got an MBE, or some such thing, today because she washes and dresses the feet of homeless people. Not a pleasant job, but one she believes Jesus would approve of.

Give up on the proving/disproving and let's get on with improving I say.

Matt Merritt said...

Hear, hear, Apprentice. What annoys me about Hitchens, Dawkins, and even Philip Pullman at times, is that they're positively, err, religious, about not being religious.